in Greek it means “gift", “favour of god", or “gift of god”. It is believed that it is a power favourably provided by God. It is a set of characteristics respected by one’s environment. Based on these, the entity with the given characteristics can become a leader, who can influence wide masses with what he or she does, without being officially proclaimed their representative. Charisma is perceived as an emanation coming from within, extreme charm and ability to enchant and enthral the others, an extraordinary appeal, a great gift of communication and a talent in convincing.
Charisma is the safest source of power as an aspect of each and every relation. It is a positive, long-term, stable, and easy-to-develop source of power, which is emotional and rational at the same time. And all this holds for market relations, too.
invokes strong emotions, loyalty, attraction, authenticity, self-confidence, and security among its consumers or perhaps target customers.
Despite its etymology – “a gift of god” - what could imply that it cannot be obtained deliberately and purposefully, it is generally believed that brands can be supplied and energised with charisma – by applying Charismark®.
a tool to build brand value; it defines positioning and looks for solutions to reach the greatest possible brand strength.
Does your brand need help, or you have only been taken up by